Butterfly Black – B.R.B. (Be Right Back)

Butterfly Black – B.R.B. (Be Right Back)

With so much music out, its made it a lot easier to find songs that have a nice sound. So many records out there its really hard to not find something you like, but something that is hard to find is music with that soul. That love put into the music that comes out the speaker and makes you feel the music in a real way. That type of experience of music is what you get from Butterfly Black on their new release “B.R.B. (Be Right Back).

A soulful masterpiece that does everything right for each second of artistry they bring to life. As soon as you hit play you hear and feel the magic in the sound, with a sound you hear the Prince influence in, while still showcasing their own original impressive sound. The love in the writing is one of this record’s shining aspects, with it being filled with great substance to take the listener on the different facets of love, and being delivered by vocals that will melt you with every note, to make you enjoy everything this record has to offer.

If you’re looking for new incredible music to dive into, this one will surely get the job done with a mastery in the approach that will make a fan out of anyone who listens. It shines in the audio as well as the visuals with the full vision of the art, working in totality to make a record you can just be a fan of, as you get swept up in the waves of it all.

Check out Butterfly Black “B.R.B. (Be Right Back)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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