Norman Sann – Pick Up The Phone

Norman Sann – Pick Up The Phone

Hip Hop has always been a thing where originality flourishes. Even in a time present day where everything sounds so much alike, that you feel you aren’t hearing anything new and exciting. If you’ve been feeling that void you will really enjoy this new release from Norman Sann called “Pick Up The Phone”.

A super dope record that doesn’t slack in its pursuit to give the culture something exciting to dive into. The production brings a hard sound full of bass, that is masterful at setting a tone to get us invested. As the music knocks Norman’s rhymes are on full bloom, firing off impressive lyricism that makes you respect his pen righteously, and delivers it all with a flow full of life to connect in a way most songs don’t.

Norman Sann is impressive in every way and “Pick Up The Phone” is a shining testament to his must hear talent. You’re able to hit play on this special jam and feel that excitement you should from new music, with so much fresh life in his approach, you’ll be keeping you eye on this major talent for time to come.

Check out Norman Sann “Pick Up The Phone” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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