Vinyl Williams – Love Is A Sound

Vinyl Williams – Love Is A Sound

Music is easier to consumer than its ever been. So many releases and artists coming out, it’s truly had to stand out. As tough as it can be the artists who choose to use their creativity, to make their own original sound, always have a way of shining through and Vinyl Williams is a shining testament to that with the new song “Love is A Sound”.

As soon as you hit play the music has you, with a psychedelic Rock sound to the approach that, is hypnotizing and makes you get lost in the music right away. As you explore this new fun world that’s brought to life, the dreamy approach to the vocals serves as the perfect guide for it, with every element clicking so divine to make for an experience of music that stops time, for us to enjoy it all.

In a time where things come and go, this record has a sound that one listen will never be enough for. The more you listen the more you enjoy the small and big details, that do their part in creating a mega experience of music, that’s fun to enjoy every time you hit play.

Check out Vinyl Williams “Love Is A Sound” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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