The Uneasy – Dangerous Expectations

The Uneasy – Dangerous Expectations

Music has a way of sticking with you when it’s commanding in its approach. When you get hit play on a record and instantly be brought into the world of the artistry. Especially a genre like Rock music that is known for creating an experience, for the listener to get lost in. That approach shines bright from The Uneasy with their new song “Dangerous Expectations”.

The song does a grand job of not only giving you a strong sound, but strong lyrical substance that takes on our natural struggle of morality, in a real in creative way to make it relatable just as much as it engaging. It wastes little time getting you invested with a hard Alt Rock sound that is hard to ignore with hard percussion and disruptive guitar melodies, having a nice 90s Alt Rock touch that is perfect for the vocals that thrive in their tone, to make sure the writing is felt to make it all click righteously.

If you’re looking for a true experience of music that gives you everything you will surely want to check out this special release from The Uneasy. Their name is perfect for their approach with a daring take to the music, to show the power of not only a big sound but a innovative one that, puts it all together to give us that more we all come to music for.

Check out The Uneasy “Dangerous Expectations” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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