K Folks – pink lemonade

K Folks – pink lemonade

With music now more than ever it’s important to not only be heard but felt. Being able to make music as an artist, that not only sounds good but having a special quality that makes you feel the music in a real way. That type of infectious energy in a record is what you get from K Folks on the new song “pink lemonade”.

A smooth bop that makes you vibe to the music as soon as you hit play. The record has many enticing elements even in the title, and when you hear the music it’s impossible to ignore how it makes you feel. K Folks is brilliant in putting emotion in the vocals as he melts you with every note, to bring the catchy writing to life on this stellar body of work that feels just as good as it sounds.

If you’re looking for a fresh body of work to dive into, you can stop your search on this must hear record. It’s the kind of music you can hit play on and leave your problems behind, with a sweet sound that you can let your mind be free to the ultra smooth sound that doesn’t miss.

Check out K Folks “pink lemonade” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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