Garvie – Real Life

Garvie – Real Life

Music has always done a great job of serving as the perfect narrator for the times. Being able to take on the current state of the world, and address in song to make us all take time to think about what we do. That’s one of the reasons music is so important and Garvie does a great job of this on the new song “Real Life”.

The perfect ode to putting the phone down and enjoying “Real Life”. The breezy approach to the sound does a great job of adding a brightness to the sound, as well as capturing the feel of the Summer season, which is the perfect contrast to the lyrical substance. It’s able to dive deep lyrically and makes a song that is relevant just as much as it is relatable, with vocals having the perfect pop appeal in the vocals to give that extra level of digestibility that’s ready for the world.

Garvie’s “Real Life” is a stand out record that truly gives you everything. It gives you a bright comercial sound, masterful writing, and major presence in the vocals that makes this a record that’s impossible to ignore.

Check out Garvie “Real Life” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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