Flamia – Flame

Flamia – Flame

With music it’s hard to truly give the people everything. Usually a song has to have one vibe or one approach to the sound to make their point, but a record truly shines when it gives you everything. When you are able to get not only a major sound, but great lyrical substance as well, to give the people something more than the status quo. Flamia is able to give you everything and more on the new song “Flame”.

A stand out EDM record filled with bright lights to make a record that shines to the fullest. One the surface you get a major sound in the production and vocals packed with commercial appeal, to make you get lost in the danceable approach to the music, but as you listen you get so much more, you get into the story telling that is masterful in its articulation as it brings this emotive love story to life for every second.

Flamia’s “Flame” is a record that truly lives up to the title with a sound that lights a fire in us all. It embodies what an experience of music should be, with a mastery in the approach that lets you go on the journey of the music, that will stop time you for you to get lost in it, and enjoy it all majorly for music lovers everywhere.

Check out Flamia “Flame” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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