Fake A Smile – Appetite

Fake A Smile – Appetite

Music can stand out to you for many reasons. Being an art that is known for bringing many things to life in its own way, the possibilities are endless. One of the best ways a song can stand out is in the writing. Something that can be a lost art in todays climate with alot of things falling on the sound, it can make you forget how special it is for words to come to life, but Fake A Smile gives us that fresh reminder with the new song “Appetite”.

The indie pop/ rock approach to the music is masterful at setting the tone, and serving as the perfect soundtrack to bring this vision to life. With every commanding drum hit and guitar strum, the vocals rise to the occasion with a fresh daring energy to it, that makes you feel the music that much more, as the lyrics come to life just as vividly as any visual could, to make for a sure experience of music like no other.

Fake A Smile’s “Appetite” is a shining example of why they’re one of those most promising groups out there. The substance in the music, as well as the musical prowess displayed by this collective makes them impossible to ignore, as they lay it all out there to make a true connection with the listener that will last the times majorly.

Check out Fake A Smile “Appetite” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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