Ev Malone – Rise Up!

Ev Malone – Rise Up!

Hip Hop is a genre that is known for it soul. That spiritual element to the music, that makes you feel it in a real way, and connect with the person behind the music, due to the realism in the lyrics as well as the energy put into the music, to make it felt that much more. That type of music is what you get from Ev Malone on his new song “Rise Up!”.

A brilliant display of music filled with the heart that makes an artist stick with you for a lifetime. The project sets the right tone with a nice soulful feel to the music, that Ev Malone uses to the fullest to bring his vision to life. His approach to the rhyming is so heartfelt that you connect in a real way, with conviction carrying his vocals, and adding more life to the lyrics, that shine in their substance and gems to show the true power of his approach and Hip Hop music alike.

If you’re looking for that real in the music Ev Malone’s “Rise Up!” is a record that gets it done in every way. It’s a ray of positivity when we need it most and an anthem for the dreamers to keep going, to make this body of work truly supreme for fans everywhere.

Check out Ev Malone “Rise Up!”below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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