Chase Woods – Carhartt Jacket

Chase Woods – Carhartt Jacket

A song can stand out for many reasons. Especially with music being a wide ranging art, that can grab you in many ways, but an approach that can’t be denied is a fun one. When you can hit play on a song and get swept up in the infectious energy in the approach, to make you a fan for every second. That’s what you get from Chase Woods on the new song “Carhartt Jacket” featuring Shush.

A catchy infectious bop that brings the party to the listener in a real way. The genre bending House approach to the sound, makes you want to get lost in every danceable groove this record has to offer, as the music pumps to set the ultimate tone. With the music working it’s magic, the charisma in the vocals serve as the perfect emcee for this party brought to life, with major flavor in the approach that’s perfect to make the lyrics felt just right to enjoy.

The fun that music can encompass is what this new release thrives in. It’s impossible not to enjoy the feed good energy of the music, as each element of the music works in perfect harmony with the next, to make a record full of replay value that will have you enjoying life that much more due to its sheer presence.

Check out Chase Woods featuring Shush“Carhartt Jacket” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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