Amelie Lucille – Because of you

Amelie Lucille – Because of you

People come to music for many reasons. Being an art that can give you so much, everyone has their own thing they come to it for, but there’s no denying that one sure reason we come to music is to feel good. To hear sounds working together that create a blissful energy we can’t shake. That’s what you get from Amelie Lucille on the new song “Because of you”.

A three minute song that makes you feel good for every self it offers. The upbeat energy in the indie pop sound connects in a real way, and serves as the perfect spring board for the vision that comes to life. Amelie’s vocals are sweet and warm in their tone to really make you feel the love in the writing, that shines in its articulation to make a love song like no other.

Everything you could want from a record is served up righteously by this ultra talented to artist. She makes music that shines in how good it sounds, but grabs you even more due to the way it makes you feel, to make sure we keep coming back to this special piece of audio for time to come.

Check out Amelie Lucille “Because of you” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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