A Days Wait Featuring Lisa – Indelible

A Days Wait Featuring Lisa – Indelible

A song that sticks with you is a song with great emotion. That pure experience of music that makes you feel it at a higher level, to make a connection with the listener that can last a lifetime due to the way it connects to the soul. That is what you get from A Days Wait on the new song “Indelible” featuring Lisa.

A brilliant emotive indie pop record that you feel to your core. The sound runs wild in its own creativity with a stand out sound that genre bends at a high level, to make for the perfect record to get lost in. To match the sound you get vocals that are masterful at conveying the right amount of emotion and vulnerability, to add more life to the writing that takes on people that come and leave a true mark in your life in a special way.

A Days Wait’s “Indelible” is a master class of music that uses its time with the listener, to make a genuine connection that can last a lifetime. As soon as you hit play it has you, due to the care put into it that shines through to give us all that fresh reminder of why we fell in love with music.

Checking out A Days Wait featuring Lisa “Indelible” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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