Noak Hellsing – Die Without Letting You Know

Noak Hellsing – Die Without Letting You Know

Artists that have the ability to put real emotion into their music are artists who really go far. When they are able to set a tone and put so much care, as well as realism into the music that you are able to relate to it all, as it gives you that authentic experience of music you can connect to. That’s what Noak Hellsing brings to life on the new song “Die Without Letting You Know”.

An emotive body of work that connects to you on a higher level to give you something beyond words. The Indie Pop approach to the sound sets the ultimate tone for the music, with beautiful guitar strums and melodies working in divine timing. As the music flows Noak’s incredible writing comes to life as he brings the tale of being scared of a relationship ending, and delivery the writing with masterful emotion to make sure you not only hear the music, but feel it in its entirety on this song that doesn’t miss.

Noak Hellsing’s “Die Without Letting You Know” is a record that gives you that more that makes you connect with the person behind the music, just as much as the song. The vulnerability and transparency in the music is one of this records greatest assets, with the soul and care put into the music shining through to keep us invested for time to come.

Check out Noak Hellsing “Die Without Letting You Know” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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