Ava Like Lava Featuring  – 90’s Anxiety

Ava Like Lava Featuring – 90’s Anxiety

As an artist there’s many ways that you can connect with the listener. Being an art form full of subjectivity its really something that no matter what you’re looking for or how you feel, there’s a song out there for it, but a song really has a way of connecting with you when its relatable. When it has all the right words for how you feel it and when. Thats the connection Ava Like Lava makes with her new song “90’s Anxiety”. featuring Imanemun.

An ode to us adults born in the 90’s that feel like children even at this age. The production does a gran job of setting the tone, with a nice smooth Hip Hop and R&B infused sound that makes you vibe to the music instantly. As you get more into the music you really fall in love with Ava Like Lava’s vocals with an infectious charisma to them, that brings fresh life into the music to make you feel the fun energy in the record, and serves up the feature by Imanemun perfectly that brings a rap verse that helps bring the vision to life that much more.

There aren’t many songs that gives you everything but this one does. It’s able to give you heavy relatable substance, as well as great engaging music that packs appeal to make the perfect storm of artistry that will take this record to its rightful destination to fans everywhere.

Check out Ava Like Lava featuring Imanemun “90’s Anxiety” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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