PROXOXIE x Dropcat – Irrelevant

PROXOXIE x Dropcat – Irrelevant

Theres no denying that music can be a thing of trends. Especially present day where you hear so many songs following the same song and format, that it makes it hard to feel like theres anything really new. As much as music can be a copycat thing, its still the artists who are creative and innovative in their approach that stand out and this new collaboration from PROXOXIE and Dropcat called “Irrelevant” is a song with fresh life.

It has a high energy hyperpop approach to the music that you can get lost in. The energetic happy approach to the sound makes you feel the music, and go on the ride that it takes you on with great progressions and transitions throughout, to keep it exciting for every second. Too match the sound you get a vocal performance that packs pop appeal, and a match made in heaven with the sound with a great tone that lets you enjoy the writing to the fullest, on this record fill with replay value.

If you’re looking for a fun sound to explore you will love everything that PROXOXIE and Dropcat has to offer. It embodies everything it is to hear something new, with a freshness and creativity in the approach to keep you engaged in the artistry in a real way for music lovers everywhere to enjoy.

Check out PROXOXIE and Dropcat “Irrelevant” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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