Lain Roy – Harder

Lain Roy – Harder

Everyone one has their own taste and what they’re looking for. Being a wide ranging art that can give a little bit of everything, it can at times separate us but something that always brings us together is a big time record. A song that you hear and instantly feel the energy of it with the appeal of it all shining through to make something thats impossible to ignore. Thats what you get from Lain Roy on the new song “Harder”.

A true audio masterpiece that does everything right to give people that special thing that is beyond words. The commercial approach to the production sets a strong tone with soft guitar melodies in the verses that serve up the major chorus to take this song over the top. The writing is well crafted and amazing in its articulation with Lain, using the power of his vocals to really make you feel everything that much more, on this hit that is ready for the world.

Lain Roy’s “Harder” is a genius level record from a stand out talent that puts the world on notice of this rising star. He displays the greatness necessary to stand out from all the other acts and countless releases out there, by giving real emotion in the music that you can connect on this record you hear and hope never ends.

Check out Lain Roy “Harder” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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