3Face & Cee – Scrolling

3Face & Cee – Scrolling

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone has having a great start to the week and ready to hear some amazing music. To start the week we always try to bring the best music we can, to set the right tone and thats only possible by showcasing must hear music, and we know for a fact we have that with 3Face and Cee’s new song “Scrolling”.

As soon as you hit play you get swept up in the waves of this impressive sound, that is packed with those smooth infectious grooves that you feel instantly and makes you want to dance to it all. For the super smooth sound you get slicker vocals that melt you with every note, as well as major flavor in the rapping to ensure you get to enjoy everything that this record has to offer, which is more than enough.

If you love good music you will love everything about this jam. It brings the party to you and makes you see the vision in a real way, with it all working in perfect timing to give the listeners something that feels just as good it sounds, to make us keeping coming back for more for time to come.

Check out 3Face & Cee “Scrolling” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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