We Carried The Boat – we’d kill for this // evergreen

We Carried The Boat – we’d kill for this // evergreen

Now more than ever must feels like it lacks innovation. A lot of artists are releasing daily and as much as they are, there seems to be a real void of artists, who are daring enough to bring their own original sound to the world. If you are looking for that fresh life in music you can check out this new record from We Carried The Boat called “we’d kill for this // evergreen”.

An exciting display of music that puts so many different elements you love together to make one sonically brilliant sound. As soon as you hit play the Punk energy in the approach grabs you building majorly through with major transition and exhilarating guitar riffs taking you on the ride of a life time. To match the sound you get a vocal performance full of life, to give the writing the energy it needs to make everything click cohesively on this record that doesn’t miss.

Everything that makes discovering music fun is what this records excels at. You can tell this record doesn’t aim to fit in any particular box or ride any wave, but make the wave with high energy sound that you will be swept in as soon as you hit play.

Check out We Carried The Boat “we’d kill for this // evergreen” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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