Tinsley – Classic

Tinsley – Classic

Music can often times present day be about the vibe of the music. So much so that it can be easy to forget how refreshing it is to hear a well written song. Those records that are amazing in their articulation and substance put in the lyrics, that speak to the listener like no other. That type of special record is what you get from Tinsley on the new song “Classic”.

A brilliant indie pop record packed with emotion to feel it all. Tinsley does a brilliant job of conveying emotion in her vocals, with a nice warm tone that tugs at the heart and melts you with every note, to really make you connect with it. The power of her vocals helps the superb writing take form as she questions is there true love, in these cray time in an amazing way and does it over this genre bending production that puts it all together to make it all click.

Everything that makes a song stick with you, as well as stand out is what this record thrives in. Its a master class of musicianship that you hear the care in as the writing, vocals, and production work in perfect harmony together to make sure you get an experience of music that stops time to take it all in.

Check out Tinsley “Classic” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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