Sigma featuring MORGAN – Adrenaline Rush

Sigma featuring MORGAN – Adrenaline Rush

One thing we always love is an undeniable sound. A record we can hit play on and know right away that this is something we are baring witness too, as our subjectivity is out the window and we just become fans of the music instantly. Those type of records are why we cover music and this new release from Sigma featuring MORGAN called “Adrenaline Rush” is one of those records.

It’s where high level appeal and artistry meet to make one record that brings fresh life on to the scene. The genius in the production is one of this records greatest assets taping into a classic string sample, and met with high energy percussion that drives this song to its rightful destination. For the big time sound you get a big time vocal performance that rises to the occasion and brings the writing to life to make for an experience of music that stops time to make fans out of us all.

Everything you could ask for in a record is what this record does a grand job of bringing to life. Its shines in its own special sound and makes for an exciting release, that makes you want to hear it again as soon as its done with the replay value of this record being at an all time high, to make for a song that is worth exploring in every way.

Check out Sigma featuring MORGAN “Adrenaline Rush” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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