HAEZL – Born Grim

HAEZL – Born Grim

With being an artist it’s important to put real emotion in the music. That special thing in the music that makes it go beyond just a nice tune you can listen to, but something you can truly relate to when you need to hear it most. That approach to the music is what makes songs stand out and this new song from HAEZL called “Born Grim” is one of those records.

An emotive self love anthem for those who feels that they are different. The production is great at bringing the right emotion to the music to slow things down, and get lost in the dreamy feeling of the music. With the music working HAEZL lets her vocals be felt with a melancholy touch on her tone that takes things to the next level, as you are able to dive into the music and enjoy the substance it has to offer.

HAEZL’s “Born Grim” is a special record that is a friend when you need it most. Now more than ever people need reaffirmation and this song does a brilliant job of doing that and so much more on this one of a kind experience of music, that gets better with every listen.

Check out HAEZL “Born Grim” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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