Grace Gachot – Loca Por Ti!

Grace Gachot – Loca Por Ti!

Now more than ever there are countless songs coming out. So much more access allow so much more talent to come out, that it makes it hard to focus. With as many songs that come out there are still some songs that pack mainstream appeal, to the point you know it was made with the intention of the world hearing it and enjoying it. That type of record is what you get from Grace Gachot on the new song “Loca Por Ti!”.

Grace shines like a true mega star with an infectious charisma that shines bright on “Loca Por Ti!”. Her vocals feels so good to hear with a sweet tone that melts you, and sweeps you away with every note as it brings the writing to life in a real way. This all takes place over a breezy Latin pop sound that is perfect for the season, with a vibrant energy in it all to make for a record you listen to and know you will hear being played on radio all over the world.

Everything you want to hear from a stand out talent is what you get from Grace Gachot. She sounds like a star and feels like one, as her presence shines through in a major way with a supreme quality that makes this a record a must hear. Hit play now and enjoy the magic of this fresh new release.

Check out Grace Gachot “Loca Por Ti!” and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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