Fayn x REKS – Euro Tour

Fayn x REKS – Euro Tour

Hip Hop music is always in its most exciting form when emcees can throw on a beat and just let their words fly at will. Being able to make every line count as they go for gold, and show us how incredible their minds are to make fans of us all. That has long been the true spirit of Hip Hop music and this new collaboration from Fayn and REKS run wild in this spirit on the new song “Euro Tour”.

As soon as you hit play you heard the hard drums being met with a soul sample that serves as the perfect spring board for the ideas they bring to life. They shine in their commanding presence being raw flows and delivery full of conviction to make them not only heard, but felt in a major way. The more you get into the music the more you get to catch all the intricacies in the rhyming, that is sharp in its approach that cuts this beat into shreds by the time they’re done with it.

Everything that makes the culture exciting to be apart of is what Fayn and REKS come together to bring in a real way. Its that pure emceeing that doesn’t get stuck in following trends but uses its time with the listener to put on a master class of emceeing to show the true power of Hip Hop music.

Check out Fayn and REKS “Euro Tour” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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