Akira Rae x ColorMind – Electric

Akira Rae x ColorMind – Electric

Music has long been able to serve many purposes, especially being able to make people feel good. Some of the most legendary songs out there have lasted the times, due to the way it has made people feel. Serving as the perfect soundtrack to good times, as well as that thing we need to hear to get our spirits lifted. That type of music is what you get from this new brilliant collaborative from Akira Rae and ColorMind called “Electric”.

The vibrant energy in the music grabs you instantly with a nice blend of the soul and grooves of R&B music, matched with the appeal of pop, and the brightness of disco to make for one major sound that sets a the ultimate tone. While the music grabs you so does the vocals that are masterful in their tone to make you feel the writing that lives up to the title, as the whole experience electrifies you and gives you all you could need, as well as want from a record that will keep you dancing for every second.

The magic that Akira Rae and ColorMind are able to come together to bring to the world is something truly amazing. Its a record that is truly easy to listen to with so much mastery in their approach you dont even think of critiquing it, but just falling in love with this sound that they seve to us to make life that much better due to its presence.

Check out Akira Rae and ColorMind “Electric” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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