Vince Nerone – Sweet Memories

Vince Nerone – Sweet Memories

To say an artist has to find ways to stick out from all the music out there is truly an understatement. Now there are so many songs releasing daily, with so many different approaches that all sounds good but it’s hard to find music that you can feel. Those record that put real emotion in the music to the point you feel it all. Thats the type of music you get from Vince Nerone on the new song “Sweet Memories”.

A genre bending masterpiece that brings the perfect blend of commercial appeal and high Punk energy to make for one ultra sound. He shines in his presence with major conviction and emotion in his tone that makes the writing felt, especially in the chorus that takes this song over the top to make it must hear. This all takes place over a masterful Pop Rock sound that brings together hard percussion and melancholy punk guitar riffs that serves as the perfect sound track for this vision he brings to life.

If you’re looking for a big time record that you can connect to “Sweet Memories” is a song that will surely get the job. In a time where music can be simplistic this tune puts everything together to make one sonically stellar sound, that you hear everything doing its part to the fullest.

Check out Vince Nerone “Sweet Memories” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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