EL Dirty AC – Piña Colada

EL Dirty AC – Piña Colada

Summer is always an exciting time in the world. That time of year where everything feels festive and everyone is out there looking to enjoy life as much as possible. During this period countless artists drop songs to help best fit the times as possible. Some of the best songs to ever be released were summer time anthems, with everyone knowing if there is a time to be hot is definitely this season. An artist who brings one of those classic anthem is EL Dirty AC with his new song “Piña Colada”.

A damn good smash that you hit play on and know it was perfectly crafted for the world to enjoy. When the music comes on you instantly feel the infectious energy of it, with blaring horns, latin grooves, and knocking percussion working together in fine timing to make one stand out sound. EL Dirty floats masterfully on this tune, having a shining presence as his fly lyrics, glide effortlessly through the verses and chorus to make it an impossible song to not enjoy.

Everything that makes music fun is what EL Dirty AC serves to the world on a silver platter on the new song “Piña Colada”. The music sticks with you because it feels good to hear in every way, with a shine to it all that is just in time for the Summer, with unlimited replay value to give a song that you will hear being played for time to come.

Check out EL Dirty AC “Piña Colada” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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