SARI – You Oughta Know

SARI – You Oughta Know

As an artist there’s always pressure to make music that people will like. To make it more challenging it’s even tougher to do a remake. Going against what people already know and expect from the original, to make your own special version for people to dive into. SARI handles this pressure with ease and makes an impressive cover of the classic Alanis Morisette song “You Oughta Know”.

She puts a smooth dreamy feel to the music that you can get lost in with infectious rhythms, matched with dreamy pad work, to create one ambient sound you can get lost in. As the music flows over you in waves so does SARI’s vocals, that give you the right amount of emotion at each turn to make you feel the writing so much more, on this record that shines in its fresh approach to this timeless jam.

SARI’s “You Oughta Know” is everything that a cover should be. It’s able to still give a nice ode to the original while shining through in its own special approach, to make you appreciate both to the fullest. Its the great music you can feel with every element working together in perfect harmony, to make one must hear experience of music you must be apart of.

Check out SARI “You Oughta Know” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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