Sirens of Lesbos – Run Run Run

Sirens of Lesbos – Run Run Run

With music there’s not telling the way a song will grab you. Being such a wide ranging art the possibilities are endless, but it’s always fun hearing songs that make you an instant fan. Those records that give you a true experience of music that slows down time and lets you get engulfed in the magic of their sound. Thats what you get from the exciting collective Sirens of Lesbos “Run Run Run”.

They bring so much fresh life in their approach that reminds us of why we fell in love with music in the first place. The music captures a brilliant retro vibe with infectious grooves that feel good to hear and set the ultimate tone for the work that takes place. When the music grabs you so does the dreamy vocals that you feel the love in, and really makes you enjoy the writing even more that runs wild in classic love songs before its time, to make it a timeless listen.

The music impresses in the audio and even more in the visuals that gives you a full vision of artistry and entertainment that gives you all you could want from a record. It lives up to the classic sound with a vintage themed visual that really sells this group, as the impressive collective they are to give us all we could want and more.

Check out Sirens of Lesbos “Run Run Run” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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