Music has always had a way of painting a picture for the listener. Being able to put sounds together to make the people get invested and lost in the music, as it works to perfection to give the listener an experience like no other. When you hear REYSHA RAMI’s new song “TURNMEON.virus” you know this was made to make you dance.

As soon as you hit play the party is brought to you with an electro sound, that makes you want to get to the nearest dance floor and leave your troubles behind. The infectious energy in the vocals pack major appeal and serves as the perfect guide for this world brought to life by REYSHA, with her writing being superb in its articulation to take this song over the top, as a must hear jam that you won’t be able to get enough of.

REYSHA RAMI’s “TURNMEON.virus” is a fun record that brings fresh life to the world and culture of music alike. It has a freshness in the approach that helps it stand out in a real way from other releases, with the power of the original sound shining through to make a stand out release, for this major talent.

Check out REYSHA RAMI “TURNMEON.virus” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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