Danny Aro – WATCH ME D!E

Danny Aro – WATCH ME D!E

Music has many ways of connecting with you. Being a thing of such variety a song can truly grab you in many ways but theres not denying, the power of a song that you feel the emotion in it. When it has a daring quality to it that bares itself to the world, and makes you not only connect to the music but the person behind it as well. That’s what you get from Danny Aro’s new song “WATCH ME D!E”.

A thrilling experience of music that is packed with the hard edge and emotion that Rock music is known for in a real way. The production does a masterful job of setting the tone and keeping us engaging with driving guitars and hard percussion, that is strong enough to handle the depth of Danny’s approach. His transparency in his writing is one of this song’s greatest assets, with it being relatable to the point you feel every word delivered by the vocals are filled with conviction to make you feel everything that much more.

Everything that makes a song stand the test of time is what this record gives you. It has high class musicianship with the supreme quality in the music, shining to the fullest to make a big time emotive sound, while also having real conviction in the approach to make you feel the music to your core, to make an experience of music that stops time for us all to dive in to.

Check out Danny Aro “WATCH ME D!E” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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