Yoonha Verse – Angel Digits

Yoonha Verse – Angel Digits

As much as music can separate us due to the subjectivity of it all, it also has a special way of bringing us together. No denying a record that feels good to hear, we all always have our own special tunes that we run to, when we need those pick me ups, or just want to keep coming back for the magic in it all. That stand out feel good sound is what shines bright about Yoonha Verse’s “Angel Digits”.

As soon as you play the sound melts you with a creativity in the approach that helps it stand out, as you get to enjoy her own unique sound that is refreshing to digest. The bright bubbly feel to the music is perfect for her vocals, that have a nice sweet tone that makes everything that much sweeter as fan to take in, as you get to enjoy the music coming together in its own special divine timing, to make for an experience of music you hope never ends.

If you love good music that feels as good as it sounds, then you will definitely want to keep this special gem around. In a time where music can all feel the same, this record brings high class innovation that embodies the freshness you hope to hear, when listening to a new record to keep us wanting more from Yoonha Verse.

Check out Yoonha Verse “Angel Digits” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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