Namelle – Psycho

Namelle – Psycho

Music is truly fun when the artists you are a fan of are active. When the people you admire most are on fire, as they give you continual reasons to enjoy their artistry to the fullest. That always makes being a fan of music that much more fun, so when we seen Namelle’s new release “Psycho” our excitement was too much to control. 

She continues to show her musical brilliance that capturing fans all over on her latest effort. Namelle marvels at making audio art pieces that are exciting to take in, as she shows the perfect blend of raw young energy, matched with innovation to her approach to make her the total package. Her writing is some of her strongest to date with a bold approach, that connects on this empowering record that makes us all want to break free.

Namelle’s “Psycho” is music beyond words that you get to just be a fan of. She thinks through like the star she is, with a power in her approach that makes you feel the music even more, as she brings the perfect storm of commercial sounds, and strong substance to make a record full of replay value on this timeless effort.

Check out Namelle “Psycho” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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