DEVMO x IVYxM – Options

DEVMO x IVYxM – Options

Summer time is not only a season for hot weather but also hot content. Being known for that time of year where a lot of artists are looking to make their mark to give us the jams that serve as the perfect soundtrack for this festive time. Those undeniable records that are released and you hear the intent of the world hearing it shining through to make something major for us all. That type of anthem is what you get from DEVMO and IVYxM’s new song “Options”.

The music does a perfect job of genre bending the commercial appeal of Pop music and the bravado of Hip Hop music, to make on sonically pleasing sound that knocks to the fullest. The lyrics are slick in the verses and catchy in the chorus, to make you want to learn the words as you get invested in it all. Each artist does a gran job of showcasing their talent to the fullest, and giving us that charisma of stars that help them as well as this release marvel in a real way, to make a jam that is right on time.

If you’re looking for a sure fire hit that is fun to listen to you will get all you could want and more from this new song “Options”. Its entertaining in every way to give us something to rock to, as well as high class artistry working at a high level to make this record one that will have the culture excited for time to come.

Check out DEVMO and IVYxM “Options” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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