Breadcouch – silky

Breadcouch – silky

Music is something that is truly visual just as it is audio. Being able to hear a record and see the picture so vivid due to the full of music, or the details in the writing that work off of each other perfectly to paint the picture for the listener. With a record like Breadcouch’s “silky” its hard not to see yourself riding around with the top down to this funky sound.

The trill approach to music brings a nice touch of soul to the smooth flavor the record has to make you instantly engaged to the artistry. Breadcouch rides the waves of the beat with ease, as he lets his words fly off so effortlessly, to use his pen as a brush to the paint picture for us all. Lyrically he’s on another level with super cool substance and catchy writing that shines through, and takes this song to its rightful destination of something undeniable.

Breadcouch’s “silky” is a summer anthem that is just in time to make things hotter in the culture. It’s a record you hear and know its gonna be in your rotation due to the soothing feel in his approach, to make a record that you can kick back and just enjoy the art take form righteously.

Check out Breadcouch “silky” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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