Kohla – Lovebites

Kohla – Lovebites

For music to last the times with you it has to be a true experience. Going beyond just hearing a record and finding the sound to be enjoyable, but really having an element to it that stops time for you, as you go on the journey that the music takes you. When you feel the music it makes things so real and its no denying the way Kohla’s new song “Lovebites” makes you feel.

A beautiful soulful piece of art that connects in every way to make something for us to connect to. The production is able to capture an emotive ambient sound that, brings a great dreamy touch to it that is a match made in heaven with the vocals, that are masterful in the emotion its able to convey in the tone to make things felt that much more. Its not only felt vocally but so much in the writing that is relatable in its substance covering themes of inner-healing, heartbreak, and spirituality to make something so real for us to dive into.

The magic of how music can grab us is what shines about this tremendous release. The care in the music shines through in a major way to make it all so enjoyable, with you being able to feel all the many intricacies in the music, that work in perfect harmony to make one major sound that you will be coming back to for time to come.

Check out Kohla “Lovebites” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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