Milli Smoke – Smoke a Sac

Milli Smoke – Smoke a Sac

When covering music sometimes it’s hard to find the words. With something as subjective as music, theres no telling how a song can hit you, or inspire you but some songs just really grab you. Just catching you in a way that makes you feel so excited to talk about it, that. the piece somehow writes itself as you let the words flow. That type of record is what you get from Milli Smoke on the new song “Smoke a Sac”.

She holds no punches and delivers a true Hip Hop masterpiece to give us that something more, that makes getting into something new exciting. The song is lyrically second to none with each bar being quote worthy on her pursuit for greatness. The hard drill sound sets a strong tone thats hard enough to handle her vigorous flow that is unapologetic in its approach, as she raps with so much heart and conviction you feel it all to make it real for fans everywhere.

If you’re looking for a major talent to get invested in, you will surely get what you need from Milly Smoke who lives up to her name, to leave this track up in smoke. When you listen to this record you know you are hearing an artist who is fearless and ready to go to the top with a supreme quality in her approach, that makes her stand out like the star she is.

Check out Milli Smoke “Smoke a Sac” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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