Lex Leosis – A LOT

Lex Leosis – A LOT

To be an emcee is to truly be a master ceremony. Someone who can control the audience like no other, as they guide the listener through whatever experience they want to take them on. That type of strong presence and mastery is what really separates someone just rhyming words together, from someone who has the crowd fully invested and Lex Leosis serves as the perfect emcee for this party brought to life on the new song “A LOT”.

The 90’s dance beat approach to the music sets a smash of a tone, with great infectious grooves working together to make you want to dance as soon as you hit play. Lex shines through in her presence with so much admirable bravado in her approach, that her style feels so fun to the spirit to add more life to it all. She not only marvels in her stand out flow, but lyrically as well. Being able to bring the perfect words to the music to bring the vision to life, as we get lost in every second of the record that we hope never ends.

If you’re looking for a fresh sound to fall in love with, this is a tune that will give you all you could want and more. Its an exciting release that shows off Lex’s must hear approach to music, but also one that embodies the fun experience music can still be, when an artist puts it all together to make life more enjoyable through song.

Check out Lex Leosis “A LOT” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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