The Freight Featuring Erin Mckenzie – Cool

The Freight Featuring Erin Mckenzie – Cool

Making a cover of a big song is one of the toughest feats for an artist. You not only have the task of making something impressive musically, but also making a version of the song that people can appreciate the fresh approach in, as you work against what people know in the original. As tough as this can be it really shines when it is done right and The Freight does everything right on this new cover of Gwen Stefani’s “Cool” featuring Erin Mckenzie.

When I first seen that they redid the song it made me curious, since I am a big fan of the original and once I hit play they gave me a beautiful experience of music, I had to write about. It shines as capturing the bright melancholy feel of the original with the vocal performance, bring one of this records greatest assets. Having a sweet tone that makes you feel the lyrics in your heart, and the Rock approach to the music makes you enjoy it even more, bringing a fresh approach that makes you remember how much you loved the original, and how grand of a job they did of adding their own twist.

If you’re looking for damn good music to dive into, you will get all you cold need from The Freight’s new awesome release. Its a fresh reminder on why we cover artists in the first place, as we seek to bring music that we love as well as feel should be heard to the forefront, and this is one of those special tunes that are a true honor to write about.

Check out The Freight featuring Erin Mckenzie “Cool” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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