Skylar Lee – Forget for Me

Skylar Lee – Forget for Me

One of the great things about Pop music is that when it is done right it sounds like a song meant for the world to hear. With music not only being a wide ranging art form, but an art form truly of subjectivity it’s really hard to make a song that can handle being taken in by the masses. As tough as it can be some artists are able to pull it off in a real way to make fans of us all and Skylar Lee marvels to do just that on the new song “Forget for Me”.

Its a record that is truly supreme in its approach with it being able to bring a strong Pop sound with heavy writing to make for on ultra listening experience. Skylar shines in her presence with a brilliant tone to the vocals that gives you the right amount of emotion, and intensity at every turn to bringing the reliable substance in the writing to life to make something we can all feel. The production brings the right upbeat feel with acoustic guitar melodies pushing the upbeat pop sound forward, to make sure we are able to enjoy the music in every way.

Skylar Lee sounds like a true star on this release and shines like one to make a record thats impossible not to enjoy. In a time where music can lack depth at times, she brings a record that stands out in its mastery of bringing heartfelt substance to life, to make a record we can keep coming back to for time to come due to the real emotion in it all.

Check out Skylar Lee “Forget for Me” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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