Sick Love – Sucka

Sick Love – Sucka

Rock music is a genre that is known for its big time sound. One of the only genres present day that you can still hear a collective, come together to make one sound layered to perfection to make something sonically brilliant. That big time feel is what makes the genre something impossible to ignore, as well as Sick Love with their new exciting “Sucka”.

A stand out body of work that gives you three minutes of raw engaging energy that makes you want to keep coming back for more. The record does a grand job of not wasting a single second to give us a chance to decide if we like it or not, it makes that decision for us with its hard in your face sound and vocals that work in perfect harmony with the writing. With each passing second the music builds even more and has you invested in every twist and turn the music offers, as every drum is hit with the right amount of intensity, and the driving guitars pushing things forward in a real way.

Everything that makes not only Rock music but music in general great to dive into is what this record offers on a silver platter. It doesnt follow any trend but excels in bringing its own original art to the world enjoy, with so much fresh life in the music its impossible to not get swept up in it all.

Check out Sick Love “Sucka” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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