Louie Rubio – Mar y Sol

Louie Rubio – Mar y Sol

A song you can get lost in is a song you will always come back. Those special records that take you away as soon as you hit play, with the magic of the sound working wonders to the spirit. When you get songs like you always have a space in your life for it, and if you dont have space then you will surely want to make room for Louie Rubio’s new song “Mar y Sol”.

With as much music out there it’s easy to feel like you heard it all but when you hear this record, you know theres still so much room for creativity and innovation in music to flourish. The power of the original sound is one of this records greatest assets with a brilliant lush sound layered infectious grooves to make to make you want to move. With the music working is magic so does the vocals that have the right amount of soul in its warm tone, that melts you for every second it brings the writing to life to make a true masterpiece.

Louie Rubio’s “Mar y Sol” is a record that feels just as good as it sounds to make something you hope never ends. It defies the subjectivity of music and makes something you dont even think of being a critic of but just a fan of amazing music, to make this one that will surely last the times.

Check out Louie Rubio “Mar y Sol” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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