Laura Rizzotto – Papaya

Laura Rizzotto – Papaya

Music shines and sticks with you when it taps into something that feels good. Bringing something fresh yet familiar to the table, to make you fall in love with the music. That special touch to the music always make for a must hear jam, thats fun to take in and Laura Rizzotto brings those vibes you have to take in on the new song “Papaya”.

The music marvels at bringing a feel good sound like no other on that sweeps you away instantly. The tropical touch to the music shines majorly, with each groove being just as infectious as the next to make you want to move to it all. Once you get lost in the sound, Laura delivers the perfect vocals to guide through this beautiful world she creates for the listener to enjoy, while the writing narrates this jam to the fullest.

Laura Rizzotto’s “Papaya” is a stellar record that vibes bursts out the seams, with this record being truly undeniable in every way. When the music feels just as good as it sounds it’s surely a record that people will keep coming back to, and that is definitely the case for the incredible record that will make the world around you shine more due to it’s presence.

Check out Laura Rizzotto “Papaya” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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