Christopha – Life Patterns

Christopha – Life Patterns

As we run the platform and find great music to cover, it’s also great becoming familiar with an artist. Not only who they are but their approach as well. With an artist like Christopha we know we are going to get the real for him, with his heartfelt soulful approach that embodies everything that makes emcees legendary. On his latest release “Life Patterns” he gives you that real that you will feel for every second.

The music has a smooth soulful sound that has a nice touch of Jazz to make you feel the introspective vibes that he takes to another level with his pen. His fine crafted rhymes are able to connect due to the transparency in the rhymes, that make you not only feel him but relate to him as he says some of our deepest thoughts for us, to show his power as an emcee. He conveys emotion at a high level lyrically but also vocally, as well with his presence and conviction being felt through the speakers to make a record that slows down time for us all to dive into in a real way.

Hip Hop music is a genre of music that will last forever due to the soulful connection that it’s able to make with its fans all over the world. When you hear Christopha’s music you know he’s giving his all to it, and the care in his approach is what brings you closer to him, as he keeps it real in a true way to help us all get through.

Check out Christopha “Life Patterns” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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