Charlie Curtis-Beard x Carter Ace x Nathan Apollo – BUNS

Charlie Curtis-Beard x Carter Ace x Nathan Apollo – BUNS

Now more than ever Hip Hop music is about the vibe of the music. Not just how the music sounds but the way it makes you feel, really determines on if a record stands out to you and even more if it will last with you. When you hit play on something new you’re expecting to hear something fun and fresh to make it worth it, and this new collaboration from Charlie Curtis -Beard, Carter Ace, and Nathan Apollo called “BUNS” is that type of record.

A jam packed with so much much original flavor and bounce its impossible to not buy into it. The production does a great job of setting an engaging tone, with hard bass and 808’s being met with smooth world melodies working as Ione to give us something to tock to. To take full advantage of the sound you get amazing bravado in the approach that really sells the slick writing, and even more in the catchy chorus to make a record just in time to heat up the summer.

That super dope music that everyone is looking for is delivered by this must hear record. Its that grand quality of music that makes you want to share with others, with the fun you have listening to it will have you wanting to share it with others, on this record that is too big time to be contained.

Check out Charlie Curtis-Beard, Carter Ace, and Nathan Apollo “BUNS” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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