Aux Dior – MUDTALK

Aux Dior – MUDTALK

Now more than ever artists are looking for a way to stand out. Especially in a genre like Hip Hop that feels overcrowded every day, due to the countless artists out there trying to get their own style of music heard. For artist to stand out they have to have a presence to them that cant be denied. That energy in the music that makes you stop what you’re doing to bear witness to the vision coming to life. That commanding energy runs wild in Aux Dior’s “MUDTALK”.

The artist name alone is really dope with a certain intrigue that makes you want to hear what he has to say, and when you listen you get everything you’re looking for. He’s bold and unapologetic in his approach with the raw substance in his rhyming shining through, while his slick flow delivers with major conviction to make him not only heard but felt. This all takes place over a production that is hard enough to rise to the occasion, with that hard knock in the music that you can see being played loud out speakers everywhere.

Aux Dior brings fresh life to the culture with his new must hear release and puts himself out there as an artist worth buying into. He doesn’t slack in any way and shows off his wide range of skill with the flow and rhyming being filled with engaging elements to make one hard edge record, that is exciting for every second.

Check out Aux Dior “MUDTALK” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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