Luh Kel – MHM

Luh Kel – MHM

Hip Hop at its finest is bold in its approach. When it has a certain edgy quality to it that is undeniable in its approach, as you hear the artist being unapologetic in their approach to make something dope for the culture to buy into. That approach to the music is why some of the most legendary acts have lasted the times and Luh Kel brings something that you gotta feel on his new song “MHM”.

Luh Kel sounds like the real deal and by the end of the track he’ll definitely make you a fan. He brings a boisterous approach packed with bravado that ,makes him possible to ignore with a conviction in his delivery to make the lyrics pop more. The production does a great job of serving as the perfect soundtrack to the vision he brings to life, with hard 808’s knocking for every second and his impeccable rhymes bouncing over them with ease as he goes for gold, for every second.

That super dope music that Hip Hop fans are looking to hear is served up by Luh Kel in a real way. He uses “MHM” to make a strong statement of his talent and let us all know there’s a rapper on the rise who is ready to take over in a real way.

Check out Luh Kel “MHM” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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