Siena Liggins Featuring MK xyz – Sneaky Links

Siena Liggins Featuring MK xyz – Sneaky Links

Songs have a way of building intrigue when it has something fresh to it. When you are able to hit play on something new an it embodies the freshness you love to experience, when hearing something for the first time. That type of experience is what makes discovering music such a fan thing to do, and fun is what is brought to life on this new collaboration from Siena Liggins and MK xyz on the new song “Sneaky Links”.

The slick approach to the sound is what makes it resonate at a high level. The smooth bounce to the sound with heavy bass knocking out your speakers, sets the ultimate tone for the music as well as the perfect soundtrack to the vision they bring to life. The vocals have a unique tone thats infectious and makes you slow down to take in the catchy fun writing, that for an engaging experience that not only shows off the creativity in the approach in a real way, but also gives you something that entertains for second.

In a time where so many songs can blend together this release marvels at having its own distinct sound, to make a song worth running back to for music fans everywhere. It excels musically with the production, writing, and vocals working in perfect harmony to make on cohesive bop, and shines in the way it feels to hear even more to make something truly supreme.

Check out Siena Liggins featuring MK xyz “Sneaky Links” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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