Cydnee With a C – Don’t We Always

Cydnee With a C – Don’t We Always

Now more than ever it feels like it’s hard to find great original content. More and more you see artists all following the same formula, to the point you feel like you’re not hearing anything new but the same songs just from different people. Music is slash at its best when you are able to enjoy an artist’s original style and Cydnee with a C brings that originality and so much more on her new song “Don’t We Always”.

A two minute record filled with heartfelt emotion that resonates to the fullest. The dreamy bubbly approach to the sound serves as the perfect spring board for the vision that comes to life. Bringing great personality and emotion to the music, that is a match made in heaven with her sweet vocals that make you feel the heart put into the record. As you dive more into the music you really get to dive into the writing that is packed with relatable in its substance and amazing in its articulation to make a record that you can connect to in a major way.

If you’re looking for a record with fresh life Cydnee with a C’s “Don’t We Always” is truly one of the freshest. It shines musically in every way from the innovative sound, heartfelt writing, and unique vocals that makes her a true stand out, while also making something you can connect to on a true emotional level to make you want to keep coming back for more.

Check out Cydnee with a C “Don’t We Always” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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