With an art as wide ranging as music, it really has something for everyone’s preference. No matter how you feel or what you’re looking for there’s always a song that can fit the occasion. Whether you’re looking for something serious, or something super intricate there’s no telling the possibilities but if you’re looking for an infectious jam that feels good to hear than cono has what you need with the new song “SLAPSTICK”.

A funky record that gives you something that will keep you moving for every second it offers. The music does a brilliant job of genre bending bringing the soulful funk flavor of R&B, the appeal of pop music, and a touch of Rock to give it a big time feel that works wonders. For the major sound you get vocals that rise to the occasion bringing fresh life to the artistry, to make you feel everything that much more on this exciting release that feels as good as it sounds.

Everything you hope to hear when listening to something new is what “SLAPSTICK” brings to the table. It’s a fresh, young, and new approach to the music that makes this record amazing to dive into with the care in the artistry shining through to the fullest. Hit play now and enjoy the magic of the sound of cono!

Check out cono “SLAPSTICK” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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