Tendavillage – River

Tendavillage – River

Music sticks with you when it’s something you can feel. That intimate connection a song has with you, as you relate to the soul of it, to make you want to keep coming back for more. That feeling in the music is what makes music timeless, and Tendavillage’s “River” is surely a record that will last the times.

Tendavillage brings a refreshing neo soul sound that you can get lost in on the new song “River”. The music has a familiar yet fresh chill feel, with a classic touch to it that feels great to hear. As you get into the music you are able to become enamored with the vocals that are rooted in soul, and delivers every note to perfection to make this incredible for every single second they bless us with.

Tendavillage’s “River” is a superb display of music, that you will enjoy more with every listen. Every element plays it’s part to the fullest, to ensure it gives the listener a musical experience like no other. The lush vocals truly melt you with every word, as the music plays the perfect score to this vision that lives up to the title to the fullest, to wash over the listener as it flows effortlessly like a river.

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